6 Ways to Energize (other than coffee)

Inspired from a conversation with my sweet mama, I pointed out “she” was consuming way more coffee in this quarantine season than is necessary.

I tried encouraging her to drink less before realizing I was calling the kettle black, seeing how I’ve grown quite dependent on my home pour overs to power through the day. And although the right amount is helpful, too much causes dependency, followed by increased tolerance and exorbitant amounts, and a whole host of issues with increased, sustained consumption.

Without much ado, here are my brainstorms for alternative energy boosters if you’re starting to twitch before, during, or after daily coffee chugs!

1. Matcha

I discovered matcha in Denver attending college out there. Health nuts will go on about its benefits, including the antioxidants, but I’ll let you find out all you care to know if you care to know it!;)

It can get technical, but simply put, coffee comes with a sudden energy crash, signalling time for a refill. With matcha, you get an “alert calm” without the crash because of the substance 1-theanine it contains.

When I need sustained focus, I’ll mix up a small batch of Matcha Energy Balls. When you have matcha powder, it’s easy enough to mix up steamed milk for your own home matcha latte, too!

2. Take a cold shower
After 2-3 hours of running up and down a basketball court, the last thing we wanted to do as collegiate basketball players was hop into a metal bath of ice. For some reason, it’s exactly what we would do.

Talk about an energy bolt!

I’ve taken that lesson with me post-college. When I have the snuggly robe ready to go after the polar plunge, I’ll jump into the cold shower, testing how long I can last! I always come out the other side of that ready to get things done.

3. Green Tea
Green tea doesn’t have quite the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee does, but I see that as a blessing. When I need an afternoon pick-me-up, but it’s getting a tad too close to evening when a cup of joe will keep me counting sheep til the cows come home, I’ll trade it for this healthy alternative.

4. Do a Small Thing
I’m a color-coded, box-ticking, time-tracking Passion planner kinda girl.

When the motivation has flatlined, I’ll take a look at the plans for the day. I’ll see a small task, and I’ll just do the thing. There’s a small accomplishment in ticking that box. For me anyway, there’s a jolt of energy and then I can conquer the next giant in the day!

5. Get up
I’ve tried to avoid regurgitating what everyone else says on this subject. Unfortunately, I can’t get away from this one. We’ve gotta get up and move to avoid lethargy. You thought you needed coffee, but you really just needed to move your body to get its own endorphins to fire! Outside is always preferable…and more fun!

6. Tap into THE Energy
During my year living in Nairobi, Kenya, I had the honor of meeting some incredible warriors of faith. One older woman, we called her Pastor Mable, was this gentle, soft-spoken grandmother who would teach the kids in the slum with such conviction. Midweek through one of our (wonderful, completely exhausting) Vacation Bible School weeks where we taught, played, and cared for 500+ kids and youth, I found her alone in one of the classrooms opening up a Bible and saying to me, “Let me just fill up here..”

Sweet Pastor Mable ❤

I’ve never forgotten that precious moment when I witnessed the Word really as the Bread of Life and Living Water. She was physically worn. She was emotionally tapped out. She was mentally drained from managing hundreds of kids while switching between languages; and she reached for Scripture.

It is meant to sustain us! Crack open the Living Word, breathe in the fresh air of the Spirit, and praise Jesus for a blessing or two!

I hope you’ll find the energy alternatives that work for you! I’m headed to make some matcha energy balls right now. 😉

stay lovely,
the tall girl

7. Bonus Tip: Jam Sesh!
I’ll throw this one in for free;) As I was finishing up to post, I felt the need to energize, and Apple Music likes to be needed. I hit play on that Get Up! playlist, and bobble-head Kelli was back in action!


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