Uplift Women

It’s a special Motivation Monday when I get to introduce this lady who’s like a sister to me. We wonder amused and amazed at how far God has brought us from freshmen at the private high school we coincidentally attended together! (I say coincidentally because but for the divine intervention of Jesus, she never would have stepped foot in Cedar Valley…thank you, Lord, she did!)

She has faced untold challenges that God has weaved into the most beautiful, inspiring story of triumph. Our setbacks are the moments where our true character is honed and revealed; Cassie has become and is becoming a true Conqueror in Christ.

Cassie is currently a travel nurse stationed in South Carolina; if that weren’t enough of an accomplishment, she is expanding her expertise to philanthropic efforts.

She pours out her heart and soul to her patients in these clinics, and now she feels the Holy Spirit tug to empower women to find that passion they can pour their everything into as well.

“I love seeing women coming together. There’s an undeniable power and strength when we are united as one. Everyone deals with their own problems & insecurities. I just want to be able to help anyone. I want to help them see their true beauty God has blessed them with.”

She has done this very thing for me many times. Quarantine has been an odd season for us all, causing us to question what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, etc. Cassie never failed to affirm the Truth of my worth and calling as a Beloved daughter of the King.

Cassie will be moving forward in these efforts, and I will be cheering, assisting, consulting, or agenting as the need arises! We would love messages/inquiries about this effort if you have interest.

Mission Statement
“Uplifting women in our communities through support, dialogue & outreach. By teaching new sets of skills & healthy ways to deal with our everyday stressors.”

stay lovely,
the tall girl & my personal Beyoncé

See!? She’s always uplifting women!! Even 6’1″ me!!!

Let the tall girl know what you think!

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