I don’t suggest this traveling schedule…

Now that my time as student staff at Centennial Institute, my universities’ public policy think tank, is over, I have free time to pause and write out what the near future holds (as well as dreams for the far out future.)

I’m currently typing this on my iPad at 38,000 feet with my best friend in the whole world sitting across the aisle where we lucked out with front-of-the-plane seats. I’ve traveled quite a bit with my mom, but this trip feels like a special treat. We’re flying to Seattle and then heading up an hour to the small town of Marysville where her best friend Anji resides with her sweet husband Kris on their 40-acre bayside property.

We’ve been up there once before to visit Anji and Kris. It was the vacation of a lifetime as my brother Kyle and I (we were 14 and 12 at the time, respectively) rode around the property for hours on ATV’s through their apple orchard, on the forest trails, and by pastures of cows. Our goal was always to find the elusive peacock, a casual pet of theirs, we’d seen wandering around a few times.

I’ve been especially excited for this mother-daughter trip to catch up on everything 3 years away at college and only several breaks at home a year causes you to miss out on. I think both of our #1 must-see for the trip is the original Starbucks store downtown Seattle. I guess #BasicWhiteGirl runs in the family, huh?;)

Following the return flight on the Fourth of July and a quick sleep in Denver, we’ll load the car and drive the rest of my belongings home to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I do hope it’s a time of relaxation, but when Billboard Bob is around, is there ever downtime? Probably not! Already on the agenda while home is a local organization’s banquet, solidifying Europe plans, NY mission trip details, and oh, a house party at our house for presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson! The craziness continues!

Two weeks at home will fly by before I head back to Denver to meet up with my mission trip team of 8. We depart July 23rd for the greatest city on earth. You already know I mean New York City.:)

We’ll serve kids in the Bronx at Graffiti 2 Ministries for a week as well as do service projects with WorldVision and Hillsong Church. To say I’m excited for these 9 days with some of the coolest people of CCU is a ghastly understatement! We’re all so pumped to show Christ’s love to these kids and see how God moves and works in our hearts through the time as well.

Back in May right before graduation, the VP of Student Life at CCU emailed students of an awesome opportunity to visit Israel for an unbelievably low cost. I followed up with him, applied, and was accepted the next week for a 12-day trip beginning August 1st with the Liberty Counsel to see Israel! 12 days has turned into a month as I’ll be staying there with workaway opportunities until I meet Katelynn in Athens on September 1st.

Katelynn was my resident last year when we got to talking about our mutual wanderlust and deep need to see the world. Plans started to form, and she rearranged her entire 4-year undergrad schedule in order to travel this fall. Greece is first on the list, and then we’ll be hopping on trains to the next destination, including Italy, Spain, France, and Germany (and many more, but these are the “for sure’s”).

This is when the future gets really blurry for me. Katelynn returns to America in November. I don’t know when I’m returning. Maybe I’ll be done with “roughing it” and living out of a couple backpacks and return home in November to find a job or go to grad school as well. Or perhaps I’ll find a job or a writing niche and jet set all over the world writing (a girl can dream, right?).

As hard as I’ve tried this past month and a half post-grad to put a name, title, and stamp of approval on my future career, there’s truly no way of knowing where the Lord will have me in even 6 months time. So I continue trusting, continue living in the present and enjoying the moment, and continue investing in the relationships I’m so blessed to have.

stay lovely,
the tall girl

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