2016: The Year of Sacrifice

Our new family tradition is to choose just one word to focus on in the New Year, as opposed to a list of lofty goals usually given up on by February. I started thinking about my word for the New Year around Thanksgiving, and contemplated it while serving at the Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa … Continue reading 2016: The Year of Sacrifice


When the Empire Falls

As I hurried down the metro stairs to catch the train out of Paris, I saw the mother with her empty stroller just in time to slow down as I rounded the corner. Her little boy had almost achieved a great victory as his stubby toddler legs escalated the final step. I couldn’t help but … Continue reading When the Empire Falls

Faith to Move

The waves lapped against the side of the boat, lovingly named Sea Note. 53 American students stood transfixed by the scene all around them. A cool, sea breeze was embraced with widespread arms and content hearts after a record-setting day of heat. God himself seemed to breathe out grace and love on this eclectic group brought … Continue reading Faith to Move

I don’t suggest this traveling schedule…

Now that my time as student staff at Centennial Institute, my universities' public policy think tank, is over, I have free time to pause and write out what the near future holds (as well as dreams for the far out future.) I'm currently typing this on my iPad at 38,000 feet with my best friend … Continue reading I don’t suggest this traveling schedule…

A Brief Diary Entry by a Goody Two-Shoes

Alright, I admit it. I'm that girl who does extra credit before the teacher even announces it, that girl who decorates her room with flowers and Eiffel Tower emblems, and Friday night "turn up" usually includes a steaming cup of chamomile tea and a Netflix show. I'm that girl who nods along at church and … Continue reading A Brief Diary Entry by a Goody Two-Shoes

One Word, One Year

Warrior[wawr-yer]: noun: a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage. The more I’ve talked with people, I’ve increasingly realized how frustrating New Year’s resolutions have become. Most people don’t bother to make them anymore because they know their track record of going strong on that new diet or workout plan for about a … Continue reading One Word, One Year

Awakening the Love of Heritage

There are certain places on this earth that as soon as you experience the sights, smells, and sounds, you’ve fallen in love and could return seasonally. Well, I discovered another one of my “happy places” this past week up in Door County, Wisconsin.I had the wonderful opportunity to stay for a few days with some … Continue reading Awakening the Love of Heritage

When life hands you a volleyball…play it out.

Can we all be open and vulnerable here and just agree that life is a funny thing? Zoom out to a 30,000 foot view of your life and what do you see? Static, monotonous living with no coincidences, no new relationships, no successes or failures, no surprises? I sure hope not. I see a tapestry … Continue reading When life hands you a volleyball…play it out.

The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

I didn’t choose the nomadic life. The nomadic life chose me. Stability and security-I grew up with these, so as much as I crave adventure, I don’t throw these basic needs out the window followed by a bold cry of “YOLO!” I’ve been settling into this cute little apartment for almost 2 weeks now. I … Continue reading The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

You’re not in Iowa anymore…

Three days ago I would've done anything to tap my red shoes together three times in order to transport home. Change is always hard, and personally I think it's exaggerated when you're doing it alone. At least, it felt like I was on this adventure alone. I have more empathy for people who experience depression … Continue reading You’re not in Iowa anymore…