I don’t suggest this traveling schedule…

Now that my time as student staff at Centennial Institute, my universities' public policy think tank, is over, I have free time to pause and write out what the near future holds (as well as dreams for the far out future.) I'm currently typing this on my iPad at 38,000 feet with my best friend … Continue reading I don’t suggest this traveling schedule…

I left my heart in Manhattan

My mind goes blank and all I can laconically respond is, "Yeah, it was awesome." How do I put eight weeks of experiences and memories and friendships into a square, eloquently gift-wrapped, comprehensively ribbon-tied single phrase to fit passing conversations? When I look at pictures and read over the journal I kept, I can reminisce … Continue reading I left my heart in Manhattan

It’s a Rainy Day in the Big Apple

Since the start of this internship, a cloud of expectations looming over my head has brought a torrent of anxieties on me that I may not measure up to my “potential”. This proverbial cloud formed by the same processes of the water cycle that keeps us alive on this earth: the evaporation of my own … Continue reading It’s a Rainy Day in the Big Apple

Lessons in the Middle

Yet another week has passed by for me in this Empire State. And if we were to compare this 8-week internship to running a 400 meter sprint around a track,      (which I actually had to do once Sophomore year in track, and it went something like the following:), this is that point where my legs … Continue reading Lessons in the Middle

The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

I didn’t choose the nomadic life. The nomadic life chose me. Stability and security-I grew up with these, so as much as I crave adventure, I don’t throw these basic needs out the window followed by a bold cry of “YOLO!” I’ve been settling into this cute little apartment for almost 2 weeks now. I … Continue reading The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

You’re not in Iowa anymore…

Three days ago I would've done anything to tap my red shoes together three times in order to transport home. Change is always hard, and personally I think it's exaggerated when you're doing it alone. At least, it felt like I was on this adventure alone. I have more empathy for people who experience depression … Continue reading You’re not in Iowa anymore…

Input Junkie

I'm an advice-taking kind of girl. Give me constructive criticism, personal opinion, or experiential knowledge, and I'll soak it up like a sponge. I really only realized this trait in me after taking the "Personal Strengths" test freshman year of college, and this ambiguous word "Input" showed up on the list. Turns out I like … Continue reading Input Junkie