I Am Sending You…

“My life has not fit into any real pattern, other than the fact that anything anybody else could not do or would not do God would drop into my spirit, and I would do it. Sometimes God sent me to a pastor, sometimes to a king, sometimes to a church that was praying. But everywhere I went, it was by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.” Ruth Ward Heflin writes this synopsis of a life lived poured out in her book Harvest Glory. I felt seen and known when I read this line describing her work all around the globe!

When we ponder the life of Mary of Bethany, do we question her sanity? The woman so deeply loved Jesus that she poured out her future inheritance on His feet. Did she ever look back on that decision with doubt or questioning in her mind? If I hadn’t anointed His feet with my oil, would I be able to eat more than this simple bread for supper? If I hadn’t poured out my inheritance, would I be able to provide a better future for my children? If I…If I…If I….

Some wonderful teachers in the faith have helped me to realize the deeper worth of “wasting” our life for Jesus!! When we join the angels, the four living beings, the elders, and all the saints who cannot even remain standing for longer than the few seconds it takes to sing out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty- the One who always was, who is, and who is still to come!” before collapsing in reverence, the thought of counting the cost will feel so foreign and absurd!!! Of course He is worth it! (Revelation 4:8)

It is with great excitement and a peaceful spirit that I share the Lord has opened the way for my best friend Morgan and I to move overseas. Of course there is joy because He has designed me with the desire to move, travel, experience and bless in a cultural and spiritual exchange with “family” abroad; there is also that somber peace that He delights over me and the spiritual hunger I have for more of Him. He will always satisfy our thirst for Him, and I am grateful He is revealing such depths of His faithfulness in this season.

Truth be told, when I returned from Kenya in 2019 and then moved back from L.A. to Iowa later that year, I questioned if He even wanted me. I had openly, freely offered my service as a soldier on the battlefield! Send me, Lord, here I am! Crickets responded.

Patience has been one of the uphill mountains I am trying to ascend with His strength. Two years felt like, “He may never send me overseas. I will have to take matters into my own hands. What is going on, Lord?!”

He certainly had the best prepared for me. I met my now dearest friend and compatriot in the passion for overseas mission, Morgan, this last February. God moved us to Kansas City, Missouri for a “touring season” (there’s more on that if you’re curious!) in October while He moved pieces into place to send us at the beginning of 2022.

I am deeply grateful beyond words for the family, friends, loved ones and short-time acquaintances who have impacted and encouraged this journey. I would love to stay in touch with those who want to keep me updated on their life as well as catch the updates as they come from the field! The best way for this to happen is to message me your email address so that I may add you to the email updates!

You really are wonderful, you are loved, and you are so wanted by King Jesus. I bless you with encounters with His grace and beauty today.

stay lovely,
the tall girl


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