2016: The Year of Sacrifice

Our new family tradition is to choose just one word to focus on in the New Year, as opposed to a list of lofty goals usually given up on by February. I started thinking about my word for the New Year around Thanksgiving, and contemplated it while serving at the Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa … Continue reading 2016: The Year of Sacrifice


3 Tips to Evade Christmas Robotism

Car horns blare, children wail and beg shamelessly in toy aisles, and lights are dutifully placed in their designated spots on the front lawn. When did the “peace and joy on earth” disappear from this time of festivities? I love Christmas as much as, if not more than, the next girl. That may be why it saddens … Continue reading 3 Tips to Evade Christmas Robotism

It’s a Rainy Day in the Big Apple

Since the start of this internship, a cloud of expectations looming over my head has brought a torrent of anxieties on me that I may not measure up to my “potential”. This proverbial cloud formed by the same processes of the water cycle that keeps us alive on this earth: the evaporation of my own … Continue reading It’s a Rainy Day in the Big Apple