No Time Like the Present

Disclaimer: There’s a minor switch in narrative…just an FYI if you’ve read my prior blogs. I needed to change it up for myself, so I hope you enjoy it too, lovely reader.   The sun‘s rays hit the sprawling metropolis at 4:24 for another Monday morning, where 8 million people would wake up and proceed with … Continue reading No Time Like the Present

The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

I didn’t choose the nomadic life. The nomadic life chose me. Stability and security-I grew up with these, so as much as I crave adventure, I don’t throw these basic needs out the window followed by a bold cry of “YOLO!” I’ve been settling into this cute little apartment for almost 2 weeks now. I … Continue reading The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

You’re not in Iowa anymore…

Three days ago I would've done anything to tap my red shoes together three times in order to transport home. Change is always hard, and personally I think it's exaggerated when you're doing it alone. At least, it felt like I was on this adventure alone. I have more empathy for people who experience depression … Continue reading You’re not in Iowa anymore…

Input Junkie

I'm an advice-taking kind of girl. Give me constructive criticism, personal opinion, or experiential knowledge, and I'll soak it up like a sponge. I really only realized this trait in me after taking the "Personal Strengths" test freshman year of college, and this ambiguous word "Input" showed up on the list. Turns out I like … Continue reading Input Junkie