Letters to the Church

For more than a year, I was frustrated with myself or with the modern-day church; I couldn’t quite place the source of my irritation, but I knew I felt a stirring unease whenever I prayed over and observed the landscape of how we “do Church” these days. There was this nagging sense that what God had for the Church, His Bride, was something much more than what we’re experiencing in a 90-minute produced, high-comfort/low-risk lecture with a couple songs once a week.

In a straightforward 216-page read full of testimonies, stories, and practical implications, Chan inspires the Bride of Christ to remember her first Love. God is Love, and from that place of being in His Presence, the Love for His Church and people flows out!

“I believe this generation can kill the consumer mind-set in the Church and replace it with a servant attitude that thrives on suffering for His name. There is no reason we can’t join with those who have gone before us and be the ones who restore the missional focus of the Church.”

It was blessing enough to read this book, and the joy was multiplied by studying and discussing with a friend what we were gleaning from its wisdom. I highly recommend the same for you; partnering with someone you trust and praying over the action items discussed in this book may just change your life…it certainly changed ours!

Anyone who’s come within a 10-foot radius of me in the last week knows I’ve finished this book because I can’t stop talking about it! If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you haven’t yet, check more info out here!

stay lovely,
the tall girl


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