The Importance of Social Media

We live in an increasingly digital age, where augmented reality is now “the realest”, 22% of people meet their bæ via online dating, and increasingly more businesses are utilizing digital media platforms over physical locations to save on overhead costs.

And I’m still asked, “Why do I even need social media for my business?”

1) People will make a snap judgment of your product or service based on your online presence.

The timeless adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is in place because that’s exactly what people do. You may have the very best product or service in the market, but if your social media profile doesn’t impress within the first 20 seconds of someone clicking through, you’ve lost a potential client.

Some of the sketchiest websites I’ve stumbled upon have turned into amazing experiences, including a $500 all-inclusive trip to Israel, and many aesthetically-superb sites hold no real value or sustenance other than a pretty exterior. Providing both is my aim with Warrior Social Media.

2) Traffic will increase to your business or organization with stronger SEO.

What’s the first thing you do when you’re checking something out online? Google, Yahoo, ask Siri or Alexa, right? These are Search Engines, and SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization. When people search for the product or service you provide, with a strong social media presence that’s producing quality content, your brand will be the first thing to pop up.

3) It’s not going anywhere…on the contrary, it’s going to keep growing.

Looking back over history, there were many game changers that people thought were just fads and would go away with time. Those predictions were clearly wrong, because, well, those “fads” inhabit just about every home. Maybe you even own a television, computer, and cell phone?

I believe in striking a balance when it comes to screen time. I don’t want my eyes glued to the black mirror 24/7. I also recognize that in this Information Age, people will trust the product with the best branding. New social media sites, ways of communicating and sharing are going to keep developing. I want to be on the front end of embracing them, and I can do it with your brand as well.

4) It allows you to connect with people you never would have otherwise.

How else would a youth pastor in South Africa have heard about a documentary film on persecution in the Middle East and been able to contact me to ask how he could be a part of our cause?

Social media connects individuals around the world, truly creating a global community.

5) Social media gives you a voice and a digital footprint.

We all want to make an impact on our world, live purposeful lives, and feel that at the end of the day we’ve made a difference. Social media is the launching pad to engage, inform, entertain, and improve the world around you.

When done with an others-focused lens, social media truly is, “…not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.” (Simon Mainwaring)

stay lovely,
the tall girl aka Warrior Social Media Maven







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