Social Media Books to Inspire & Educate

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” -John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

The above quote matches my feelings to a tee following the completion of yet another life-changing book. Authors should hire me as a personal promoter, because once I’ve read their work, I rave to anyone and everyone I come across whether they want to hear it or not. (I’m sorry random stranger and your dog on the metro I bombarded with inspiring info about Tribes. Really though, you’re welcome for the gratuitous life help.)

As I’ve fallen into this career of social media management, several publications have been most helpful to me to educate, inspire, get real, and help shape what my freelance work will look like. These are a few of the many books out there on the subject.

The Education of Millionaires, Michael Ellsberg

Although not solely on the topic of social media, Ellsberg covers self-branding and social media marketing based on the narratives of big influencers in our world.

Because of his analysis revealing the superfluousness of secondary education in many cases, I have felt empowered to continue pursuing this freelance lifestyle. I would have given in to the stability and comfort of a 9-5 “sturdy” desk job months ago if it weren’t for his slightly sardonic voice in my head repeating testimony after testimony of individuals who had a dream, written-out goals, and the hustle to make their dream a reality – with or without a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree.

Return on Influence, Mark W. Schaefer

When you invest in a product or service, you hope something will be returned to you, right? It’s basic business to have a ROI, Return on Investment. With social media, the greater your network of influence, the greater chance you are to have a return on that as well!

Although a Klout score enrages some, it doesn’t need to if you’re putting the work into your online presence. It’s bringing the power of marketing into the hands of us everyday consumers, rather than a faceless Ad agency only interested in meeting quarterly sales. Whether you want to increase your personal online influence or that of your business/organization, this book will inspire and revolutionize how you approach your social media platforms!

Tribes, Seth Godin

I saved my favorite for last. Seth Godin writes in bite size, action-inspiring thought bubbles that had me journaling new ideas every other page. Tribes is a must read if you have had even the most minute thought of a “revolutionary idea” (and since each human mind is unique & amazing, I know we all have!). He draws that dream out of you, filters it through having the right motivation, and empowers you to go after it and just do it.

It doesn’t matter how small the sphere of influence you may have. It starts with you, perhaps just your family, or a group of friends, or maybe you already have a large followership on your blog, Twitter, etc. With passion and strategic planning behind a tribe, there’s no limit to what you can reach. That’s the power of a tribe connected around the globe via social media outlets.

What a time to be alive, right? 🙂

Happy reading! Please comment below if you have any favorites on the topic, as well! I’m always looking for good reading recommendations..

stay lovely,
the tall girl


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