Busy Busy

The pilot’s voice booms over the intercom: “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is we’re lost; the good news is we’re making great time!”

Doesn’t that ring so true in our busy, busy lives?? When we accidentally hit that pause in the hustle, we look around and wonder where we’re even going. We don’t stay there for too long, for fear of what plagues us most. If we don’t know where we’re going, why are we in such a hurry?

After my year abroad serving in Kenya, I returned with a realization that I need to number my Yes’s. We can fill the planner with people to see, goals to chase, and responsibilities to accomplish, for the opportunities are endless.

Every third book on the shelf or post on a blog will be about slowing down, unplugging from the usual demands of life.

If we’re not intentional with where we’re channeling that time, we’ll head right back into busy-ness whether we realize it or not.

And there stands our Father, holding his arms out wide to welcome busy, exhausted, strained, jaded us.

(I wrote the above portion months before coronavirus forced us all to slow down.)

Now that our pace has come to a screeching halt with lockdowns, travel bans, and overall fear escalation, the question is even more glaring.

What are we doing with our time?

When the quarantine is lifted and life resumes “as normal”, how will we have changed? What have we learned in this season of slowness to recalibrate our soul to the Timeless One who created it?

stay lovely,
the tall girl



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