Awakening the Love of Heritage

There are certain places on this earth that as soon as you experience the sights, smells, and sounds, you’ve fallen in love and could return seasonally. Well, I discovered another one of my “happy places” this past week up in Door County, Wisconsin.I had the wonderful opportunity to stay for a few days with some family friends. Although the wind and biting cold were nearly unbearable, the lake-front cabin kept us toasty and the rest from obligations rejuvenated our souls.IMG_3206

The people there only enhanced the enjoyment of the trip; Mom and Pop of course, but my beautiful niece Bree was in town for the week, so we dragged her along, too. It was precious to share that time and little vacation with her. The couple whose home we were staying at belongs to family friends who have the greatest passion for Christ and sharing the news of his gospel. Everywhere they go they’re telling someone about what Jesus did for them on the cross! They have a crazy awesome testimony to back it up, though, for they’ve adopted 12…yes, you read that correctly…12 kids from the U.S.A. and Ethiopia. They truly walk the talk and live out their faith.


Left to right: Daddio, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Russell, Mama, Me, Lil Breezy

The area is rich in culture because of its first settlers, so I learned firsthand more about my Swedish and Norwegian heritage. I’ve always identified most with the German blood in me (with a last name of ‘Klaus’ how could I not?), but this gave me appreciation for the other parts, as well. I’m sure most people already know their full heritage, but I’d encourage rediscovering your roots this year. Whether you vacation to that place of early beginnings or simply cook a meal once a month completely reflective of that culture, I’m positive it would cultivate respect in one’s heart for those far up on the family tree, as it did for me.

  norwegian   swedish

Here I come, Sweden and Norway.

stay lovely,
the tall girl


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