I left my heart in Manhattan

My mind goes blank and all I can laconically respond is, “Yeah, it was awesome.”

How do I put eight weeks of experiences and memories and friendships into a square, eloquently gift-wrapped, comprehensively ribbon-tied single phrase to fit passing conversations? When I look at pictures and read over the journal I kept, I can reminisce on those perfect moments. The words almost come, they’re presque vu I can taste them, then they flit clumsily away like the pigeons along New York sidewalks dodging passersby.

Experience-of-a-lifetime…life path-altering…phenomenal…exhilarating. Each description I produce merely covers a section of my time there. Why was it life path-altering? Because future careers will happen or be made based on the lessons I learned there, the people I met, etc. I have a greater desire than ever before to make a lasting difference in our hurting, broken society. God hasn’t directed me specifically where that will be yet, but then again, he’s placed me right where I’m at here and now. Instead of squinting anxiously into the future, I’ll let him use me in the present, lest I miss something significant. New York made me just a pinch tougher with a healthy dose of confidence and assertiveness. And as several wise people told me along the journey, now is the time to make mistakes, to be told “no”, and to take chances. This goes against my very core as a perfectionist; yet I found the most freedom by getting outside my bubble, from pressing “Send” on that story pitch email for my supervisors to asking Jenna Lee to meet sometime and then having an awesome 30-minute conversation in her office about careers and life and her baby’s due date (my birthday! September 4th!).

My time in New York was beyond exhilarating, but that word perhaps most fully captures the concoction of energy and happiness and drive I felt. I sensed an intense avidity from the people around me to do and be more unlike anything I’ve ever known; Jason and Kai displayed this, the guests and talent I met and saw every day were testimony to it, and my fellow interns epitomized this desire for achieving. Being back in the slow-paced Midwest and Colorado has been a shock to the life speed I was used to. If I can maintain a tenth of the mph I had going in New York, I’ll get a lot done this year.

And that’s certainly my prayer as the year is in full swing and responsibilities are piling high. Amidst the craziness of a new semester, snapshots of walking between the towering buildings, shaking the hands of powerful people, smelling the gyro grills on street corners come back to me. I’ll treasure those 8 weeks for the rest of my life. Sitting here dwelling on it, it’s simply overwhelming to my senses how the Lord works and purposefully places us where He wants us and when.

Thanks for traversing the journey of New York City with me. The emails and words of encouragement meant the world to me, as words of affirmation is one of my top love languages.:) This isn’t goodbye though, so don’t fret; I’ll continue updating on life in Denver, and I’m sure tales of NY will emerge sporadically as well.

Stay lovely,
the tall girl



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