The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

I didn’t choose the nomadic life. The nomadic life chose me.

Stability and security-I grew up with these, so as much as I crave adventure, I don’t throw these basic needs out the window followed by a bold cry of “YOLO!”

I’ve been settling into this cute little apartment for almost 2 weeks now. I have a routine here; I’m used to the tight corners, the left closet door that gets stuck, and the pigeons outside my window being unnecessarily loud at 6am. Who knew pigeons could coo louder than my A/C vent on full blast?

Maybe I just needed another lesson in trusting Someone bigger than me with a better plan because I never predicted this curveball: Thursday night I got a text from the lady I’m renting the apartment from, asking if I could begin looking for another room to rent because she wanted to move back to her place in July. My stomach dropped through the slanted wood floor. I immediately forwarded the text to my dad. We were FaceTiming and searching Craigslist within the hour, calling people at 10:30 about their ads. Of course finding an apartment in New York City within our budget without a male roommate close enough to work that’s actually legitimate and safe…well, that’s like finding Waldo in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

I do my best to change and adapt to my surrounding environment, like a chameleon, while also finding personal stability in my situation. When that stability is uprooted unexpectedly, I transform into a palms-sweating, stuttering, panicked woman who resembles a 7th grade boy about to ask a girl he’s crushing on to the dance. I’ve had moments like that in the past few days, as I think about packing everything up again, carrying it all down the stairs, to who knows where in the city, and this time without mom and dad. As nerve-wracking as it’s been, I also know deep down that I have a God bigger than Manhattan. He made Waldo, so I’m sure he can find him. I trust He’ll orchestrate how this ordeal turns out, and it’ll prove to me once again his unfailing love for me and his power over my silly human circumstances and fears.

Now that I’ve unloaded my anxieties, here’s a rundown of week two of life in the Melting Pot. First of all, I finally, truly understand the meaning of that phrase because it’s what stuck out to me this week; NY is the most diverse place I’ve ever been. The people, the languages, the fashion…there are women who I swear just walked off a Vogue runway, and others who are probably headed to a photo shoot at Inked magazine. The diversity on the streets pours into the News Corp building and the people I’ve met there. If you read my post 16 Days, you’ll remember me mentioning the wonderful KT McFarland who helped me get this internship. She was on air Monday talking about Benghazi and Iraq, and her hit happened to be in the Studio right next to the Booking Unit. She came over after her segment, encouraged me, and even talked me up in front of my bosses; definitely unexpected, but I’ll take it. A credibility boost never hurts if you’re up to the challenge of upholding and surpassing it.

Monday was full of meeting interesting people: Shana Glenzer is the VP of Social Marketing for an up-and-coming smartphone app called Social Radar. SR allows you to connect with professionals around you, telling you who’s nearby, their job position, and any mutual friends based on Facebook or LinkedIn. Shana had a hit on the Fox Business Channel, and I met her in the green room afterwards. She gave me her card and invited me to the exclusive launch party this coming Wednesday…I’m sorry in advance checking account, you’re about to decrease significantly after my shopping spree in preparation for this event.

Kevin McCullough is a nationally syndicated radio host of 570AM, whose show is on weekdays at 3pm. He has a show with Stephen Baldwin on Saturday’s, and I met Baldwin in Iowa in April for the Good Friday Prayer Breakfast that my dad plans annually. (Once again, my dad’s networking skills are the basis of my connections☺). Baldwin’s agent connected me with Kevin, so I met him and several of his employees after work at the Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant next to Trinity Church; I’m crossing the tourist destinations off my list one-by-one. He wanted to know my goals and aspirations, and I picked his brain about the radio media industry. Jumping ahead, I went to his studio on Thursday and watched his live show. The topic of the hour was a heavy one, so his phone lines were ringing off the hook the entire time, as everyone wanted to give their input on the story. Though I doubt I’ll ever go into radio, it was awesome to see behind the scenes of a live show.

Rewinding to Tuesday, I met Dr. Siegel, a regular Fox contributor, and two amazing makeup artists, Dawn and Erin. The makeup/hair stylists are my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone at Fox, but they have this special aura about them. “How ya doin’, honey?” “Look at those long legs, beautiful!” “That the makeup list, sweetie pie?” I’m a sucker for pet names as it is, so they have me in the palm of their hands. They have legitimate resumes though, too. They’ve done makeup and hair for the widest range of celebrities-Michael Jackson to Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Lindsey Stirling to Miley Cyrus to Julia Roberts, and now all the Fox people.

Tuesday afternoon I sat in the Control Room for the airing of “The Real Story” with Gretchen Carlson, which was exciting to say the least. I even joined the team meeting right after with Gretchen directly across the conference table. I’m trying to get over the star-struck feelings I have when I’m in the same room as the talent; they really are people just like anyone else. But I’m sure as exposure increases, the normalcy will too and I won’t act like a mute deer-in-the-headlights when I glimpse Megyn Kelly getting on the elevator (to be fair I was going the opposite direction, so it would’ve been awkward to turn around and introduce myself as she was talking with someone and getting on an elevator).

Tuesday was extra special because Disco Dave, who now prefers Dapper Dave, was in town for business and took his (favorite?) niece out to dinner! If you’re a fan of Mexican food and want to try the freshest guacamole of your life, you’ll have to stop by Rosa Mexicano the next time you’re in NYC. They make the guac right in front of you- cut up the avocados, grind it in the bowl, and mix it up with the other ingredients right there. Thanks for a fun night on the town, Uncle Dave, I appreciate it and the great stories and advice you gave me.

Every day is so exciting and new at Fox. I’m never sure who’ll be around the corner of the green room or waiting in the lobby for me to bring them back to the studio. On Tuesday a 9 year-old basketball prodigy who’s been on basically every national news station for her sick crossover, jump shot, and overall amazing b-ball skills was in with her family for a hit on “America’s Newsroom”. I saw on the screens in the control room taking a selfie in front of the White House before his hit on “The Real Story”. On Friday I met the sweetest doctor who’s a regular Fox contributor, Charlie the security guard, and Scott, a cameraman for Fox and Friends. All ages, titles, races; I’m learning from these people, gaining as much wisdom from them in these short encounters as I can.

Image snapping a selfie.

Life outside Fox is equally exciting, because I finally burst the comfort zone bubble on Wednesday and attended a Hillsong Connect Group hangout. We were a group of about 12 girls, and most of us were first-timers, unsure about the whole situation. It turned into an awesome night of bonding on a deeper level with other Christian girls, many of whom are interns or students also in the city for a short while. I became instant friends with one girl in particular, Erika, because in this crazy small world we have a mutual friend who was one of my residents at CCU last year. We’ve already had great adventures: walking along the Highline, enjoying the most delicious tacos and ice cream at Chelsea Market, hanging out with other Hillsong kids at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park Friday night, catching a mini glimpse of Central Park on Saturday, and haggling the prices down for perfume and fake Ray Bans on Canal Street in Chinatown. (Tip: don’t buy the perfume there! They have the real bottles for sampling, then they sell you a bottle of water with a low concentration of something sweet smelling…lesson learned. Thanks, Chinatown). Once again I’ve seen God’s hand and presence in my life as he’s worked all these little detailsout for me. I never would’ve expected to meet someone so like myself who wants to adventure around NYC and that I truly feel like I’ve known my entire life, not just 5 days.


me & erika. boba and chinatown, holla.

And no matter what happens with the apartment situation, I know it’s a great lesson in trust. I really didn’t choose the nomadic life. But since it chose me, I guess I’ll make the most of it and embrace it…Cheers to change!

Stay lovely,
the tall girl



2 thoughts on “The Only Thing Constant in My Life. Change.

  1. I might just blow everything up, but I’m just so excited for you!! I’ve actually eaten at Rosa Mexicano, its SOOO good. SO GOOD!! Glad you got some guac and some Dave. 😉

    Also, its just so cool that you recognize everyone that you’re meeting, not just the famous people, but the ones who do the behind-the-scenes work, and you do it because you know they’re people you can love on and learn from too. You’re so cool and such a blessing to everyone. SO proud of you, again. 🙂


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