Input Junkie

I’m an advice-taking kind of girl. Give me constructive criticism, personal opinion, or experiential knowledge, and I’ll soak it up like a sponge. I really only realized this trait in me after taking the “Personal Strengths” test freshman year of college, and this ambiguous word “Input” showed up on the list. Turns out I like “collecting” ideas and thoughts and other miscellaneous information about myself and others. I admit I like collecting clothes too. Honestly, I think it shows why I love Pinterest so much; a site where I can collect all the DIY crafts, recipes, workouts, wedding plans, and life hacks a girl could dream of? Yes, please!

Anyways, I suppose that this love to hear what others have to say makes me a smarter traveler, since I’m taking the top tips from the ones that have gone before me.

As I’ve prepared for my 2 months in NYC, I’ve read blogs, websites, magazines, I’ve asked friends, family, and complete strangers for their advice or just experiences in the Big Apple. You could call me an input junkie, I guess. So I thought I’d compile most of them here for anyone else like me who loves taking all the info in, or maybe you’re part of the aforementioned group I got all this advice from, and then…well, thank you! You made it happen, and I’ll be so much more prepared in NYC!

  • Bring good walking shoes.
  • Pizza!
  • Go to a Yankees game.
  • Don’t take the taxi’s; way overpriced.
  • And if you must take a taxi, don’t tell them where you’re originally from. If I said I was from the Midwest, they’d go so far out of the way of my destination just to rack up the fare.
  • Go to Times Square a lot with people, cus’ it’s a blast; full of energy.
  • Pizza!
  • Don’t feel awkward in your Nike’s and pantsuit. Everybody’s doing it.
  • Go to the Frink museum. And go on Sundays between 11am and 1pm when it’s by donation rather than the $20 entrance fee.
  • Opinion 1: Central Park is awesome. Go there a lot.
  • Opinion 2: Central Park is dirty. It’s really not that great. (I think I’ll make the decision for myself when I see it;)).
  • Don’t go down alleys.
  • Walk fast. Stay with the flow of people. (Maybe I’ll finally feel right at home with my 6’1″ long legged stride!)
  • Bike around NY. Bike around Central Park if possible.
  • Get a week subway pass if you’ll use it a lot in a week. For long distances use the bus and subway. And it’s easy to pick up how the system works in regards to which line to take based on destination.
  • Have I mentioned that someone recommended New York pizza?
  • Toiletry/self-care items are very expensive so bring as much of your own as possible.
  • Thankfully food’s cheap, though. Pizza’s like $1/slice. And it’s really good, apparently.
  • Go to the Museum of Modern Art for free on Fridays 4:30-8pm. See Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I wouldn’t miss it.
  • Tons of summer festivals and parades. Why not? Meet people and feel immersed in city life.
  • A great way to getaway is to go to the Reading Room in the New York Public Library at 5th Ave and 42nd St.
  • Go to those hole in the wall, off-the-beaten-path joints for great grub.
  •  Sure, Soho will be great to experience, but I’m thinking the Century 21 Discount Store will have my style at more my wallet’s price.
  • Go to the Highline. (I’m actually really excited for this one.) It’s a former elevated train track that’s been turned into an urban park in the sky. From Union Square, take the 14th street bus West over to the Highline.
  • Great site for food deals.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter to walk dogs around to do something good in the community and stay active. Can’t wait for the canine therapy!
  • is a great site for finding free and cheap things in NY.
  • Go to Union Square. Especially on Fridays when they have Farmers Markets.
  • Go to as many Broadway shows as you can.
  • Use Google to find discounts to Broadway shows.
  • Go out. Experience it all. Meet tons of people. You’ll have a blast.

Oh, and I suppose since I’m going there for an internship, I should mention all the words of wisdom I got regarding that as well.

  • Know the brand.
  • Show your dedication to the internship, and go the extra mile.
  • I heard from a former intern that some kids get there and will be on Facebook for 3 hours and work for 1. They’re given little responsibility; maybe they’re using the copier machine, rather than meeting people, making connections, and leaving a good impression on the Fox people for a future reference.
  • New York businesspeople value timeliness. Better set that alarm a little earlier, Kel.
  • Fox is really great to their interns.
  • HR is always really slow. (You didn’t hear it from me or my other post 16 Days…)
  • Be enthusiastic!

Well, I got the last one down pat, for sure. We leave in 2 days now, Mom, Dad, and I. And in 4, all these words on paper (or on a computer screen if we’re being literal), will become 70-story skyscrapers on all sides of me, unidentifiable scents, and gruff men in aprons hollering at the passing tourists to buy their delicious hot dogs-(insert heavy East Coast accent here), “The best in New Yowk!”. And then, finally, the experiences others have had, have graciously passed on to me, and will always cherish, will become my own. They’ll be my own pictures and memories and new friendships that I can hold dear to my heart and maybe one day share with another curious traveler like me…

Look out, NYC, here I come!

Stay lovely,
tall girl

p.s. seriously, though, if you’ve been to NYC and have any tips/tricks/hints to making it awesome, let me know! comment on this post or something…thanks!


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  2. I love your blog! My blog is all about internships and I even have a post about my travel adventures to NYC. I would love for you to check my blog out! You can look in the {FYI} For Your Internship section for intern tips and the Adventure Around section for my NYC post! I’ll be keeping up with your blog for sure!


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